We help you protect your ideas properly.

If you are the creator of an industrially applicable original solution to a technical problem and would like to have exclusive rights to use it and thus benefit financially, you need to obtain a patent or utility model protection right for it.

Areas of technology in which we can help you

Areas of technology in which we can help you

We can help you in all technical areas, including:

  • Chemistry
  • Life sciences
  • Biotechnology
  • Electrical engineering
  • Digital technologies
  • Mechanical engineering
Authorities before which we can represent you directly
  • Polish Patent Office (PPO) and all other authorities in Poland
  • European Patent Office (EPO)
  • Unified Patent Court (UPC)
  • World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
  • European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)
  • in cooperation with proven partners, in any country in the world
Validation of European patents

We can offer you all-inclusive agent fee for validation of European patents in Poland. There are no hidden costs as for this fixed price we prepare and file request for validation, file PoA, together with the request or later, pay the official fees, send you official confirmation, report and answer any official actions.

We can also offer you very competitive price for translations of European patents. Our price includes double check and review by a patent attorney. Please note that we have implemented MemoQ for managing translations, which further improves the quality.

Annuities in Poland can be paid by authorized representative only. Changing representative for annuity payments after validation, which involves preparing, signing, and filing new PoA, is not convenient for the patent owner. We have very competitive flat fee for annuity payments. This fee includes two reminders, annuity payment and checking in the Patent Register whether the fees are accepted by the Polish Patent Office.